ViewSonic PJ-PEN-001 Interactive pen for PJD7383i and PJD7583wi..

141,00 лв.

Viesonic IR Optional Interactive Module for PJD8353s and PJD8653ws. Includes 2x Pen with batteries a..

494,00 лв.

ViewSonic Replacement lamp for PJD5112, PJD6211, PJD6211P, PJD6221..

244,00 лв.

ViewSonic Replacement lamp for PJD6253, PJD6383, PJD6553w, PJD6683w..

373,00 лв.

ViewSonic MultiClient VMA25 - Tower - no HDD - no graphics - Gigabit LAN - Monitor : none. Terminal ..

158,00 лв.

ViewSonic Ultra Short wall mount kit for the PJD8653ws/PJD8633ws/PJD8353s..

287,00 лв.

ViewSonic WPD-100 USB mini Wi-Fi dongle for PJD 7 series (except PJD7382) and Pro 8 series (except P..

115,00 лв.
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